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September 24th and 25th, 2022

→ Poster by Bernard Cadène

Restauration : Cashless

On site you can eat with many service providers who will offer you:

ice cream

hot dogs

Sandwiches / Paninis / fries

Rotisserie Kebab

tex mex

Pancakes, churros, waffles

Coffees / Sodas / Beer

Drinks provided in ecocups (special design 2022 edition designed by Bernard Cadène)

More practical, the catering is paid only in cashless! Cashless is a turnkey system that allows payment and collection at points of sale during events such as festivals, sports venues or tourist sites using a credit card.

To obtain this map and load it two solutions: Pre-load when purchasing the ticket, at this time the pre-loaded card is given upon arrival at the event when presenting the ticket Once there, go to a cashless cashier and ask for one Once the card is in hand and during the event, it can be recharged via the internet or at cashless checkouts (by credit card or cash).

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